Ianieri, Giampapa & Co., PC CPA


Mergers and Acquisitions


Performing adequate due diligence is critical to making sound business decisions regarding acquisitions, equity investments and credit. We can assist in your investigation of the target company by tailoring our program to accomplish your specific due diligence objectives and allow you to focus on key strategic issues. Our due diligence program is flexible and can include:

• Negotiate and structure sales, acquisitions, or mergers, whether internal or external.
• Are you and your company acquisition ready? Do you have the necessary internal structure, corporate culture, and financing capabilities to complete the transaction?
• Structure an internal buyout where management or family members buy the company from the owner.
• Negotiate the buyout of shareholders who no longer wish to be associated with the business on a tax-favored basis.
• Pre sale cost and income statement analysis to maximize value.
• Employee Stock Ownership plans (ESOP) to get liquidity to shareholders.
• Develop plan for management or heirs to acquire the business in event of death.
• Post sale planning. Unlike many of our competitors, Ianieri, Giampapa & Co., PC resources are equally valuable once the sale or merger is completed.

We help create the best TEAM for the Owner. This team should include Ianieri, Giampapa & Co., PC, lawyers, investment bankers, financing sources, etc. - but most important, and often forgotten - it must include YOU.