Ianieri, Giampapa & Co., PC CPA


Estate Planning


Estate Planning involves some of the most important decisions you will ever have to make. Ianieri, Giampapa & Co., PC can help guide you in choosing the most appropriate vehicle to meet your Estate Planning needs and goals, such as:

• Creation of techniques and documents to minimize the tax impact caused by death.

• Creation of trusts to protect assets for children and spouses:
    • Creditor and Divorce Protection
    • Management of Assets
    • Estate Tax Planning Tools
    • Utilize the trust to freeze the value of corporate stock

     in event of death.
    • Separate trustees with regard to management of

    cash vs. business interests.

• Create charitable trusts that can be used to limit the value of the taxable estate in case of joint death or where there is no marital deduction.

• Coordinate business interest with personal interests and make sure that there is a succession plan in event of premature death.

• Coordinate insurance to make sure it is being utilized properly.

• Plan for the sale of a business and the need for different planning if assets become cash.

• Coordinate family wealth at multiple generations.