Ianieri, Giampapa & Co., PC CPA


Corporate Finance and Capital


Our CPA's have a great deal of experience in corporate finance, having been the principal accounting officers at both public and private middle market companies. As such, we have a first hand understanding of the challenges you face everyday, from effective financial and management reporting to negotiating financing arrangements, we've been there, so we can help:

• Evaluate and compare capital and cash alternatives.

• Provide all of your accounting and bookkeeping needs.

• Develop short and long term capital requirements to meet the strategic plans for the business.

These needs may include:
    • Traditional bank financing
    • Mergers
    • Consolidation
    • Long term growth needs
    • Public offering vs. private sale
    • Off balance sheet financing, such as sale/leaseback
    • Acquisitions
    • Estate and transfer tax allocations
    • ESOPs
    • Private equity

Due to continual change in the marketplace, the economy, or your particular industry, businesses need to review and analyze not only their current capital structure, but also their future needs.